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 Forum Site Guidelines - Site Foundations

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PostSubject: Forum Site Guidelines - Site Foundations   Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:45 pm

Forum Guidelines; Terms and Conditions for ALL.

By becoming a registered member of this site, I do fully agree to follow by these guidelines and
I am mindful of the fact that they are only guidelines put together by Staff with members in mind!

1. Members ought to be aware that membership of this site encourages and invites people over the age of 18 to join and register an acccount with us in our family home.
    Membership is freely offered as is all services & knowledge that is written on our site is copyrighted to original poster of the post and if own content then to original author/but everything
    else is copyrighted to Stormfaerie (c) as of 24/3/2017.
     Members should be aware that nobody on here charges for anything on here. Services offered free of charge both in chat and on forums.
2. Every day we are faced with the onslaught of negativity and that's why we feel strongly to encourage anyone coming into our site to ground and protect as it does help to shield
    yourself from imminent harm and or people with immense ego that may not be genuine. Hopefully, you won't find that on here, but if you do, best to shield and protect anyway
    for your peace of mind as much as ours.
3. No Judgements to be made on don't judge a book by its cover! Wink Acceptance for all in our circle, regardless of who you are, what you do, circumstances and
    history in background, gender, situation, preference, etc, etc....
4. FREE WILL AND FREEDOM OF CHOICE - it is up to you what you do with what's given to you in a reading or a healing session. So the choice is yours because nobody else can
    make that decision for you and we don't tell you what you want to hear either, we relay anything that's to be heard from the universe or from spirit.
5. No Predictions --- predictions are truly a no-no- especially on areas such as Health.  We feel that if someone does a reading for health subject, we've found it just
  instills uneasiness within sitter so we want to assure you that is best to not do any predictions or anything like that..... use positive language in a reading, always with tactfulness and care.
  No diganosis or prescriptions either or giving of medical advice. We are not doctors nor do we purport to be medical trained experts, if we heal we work with energy of higher vibration and positive intent.
6. Positive Intentions - ALWAYS - we are here to help you at the end of the day if you approach us for seeking insightful guidance and clarity in your life.
7.Personal Integrity - No egos at all, we aren't here to alleviate ourselves to the higher level. We are however just here to work, chat, be ourselves, love what we do
and be merry, but while maintaining a determined but steadfast dedicated helping hand to anyone that joins our site on a regular basis.
8. Future is not set in stone! - Its always changing according to our own decisions. Only you can decide where your destiny resides.
9. Best to keep a friendly but helpful atmosphere in here.... no foul language, foul play or language with hidden intentions that may come across as negative.
10. We also say NO drama, no negativity, no spiritual warfare or psychic attacks or any behaviour that may come across as troublesome.
11. Spammers will be deleted without warning and banished from site.
12. If you would like to petition to be a practicing reader or healer here on site.... please message Staff to let them know....
      If you would like to run a class here on site, please get in touch with founder, add a bio of what you do and what you wish to teach... to let her know!
      Teachings or imparting of knowledge based on what you know is exchanged here on site in our forum boards. Please be respectful of the teacher while they are holding a class.

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Forum Site Guidelines - Site Foundations
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