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 Aura Graph - Creative Way of Linking

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PostSubject: Aura Graph - Creative Way of Linking   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:03 pm

What is an Auragraph?

An auragraph is a pictorial picture that represents your life. It may contain information about your past, present and future potential. Aura graphs are a combination of both depending on if you are working with psychic or spiritual energy. It can be of your choosing to decide if you want it to be a psychic energy connection or spiritual energy connection. And through the power of creation, the pictorial energies are put to the test.

Let’s start by taking the word AURA and giving a bit of background knowledge as to what that means! Does everyone know what an aura is?! And does everyone know what an auragraph is? Have you ever heard the term before or is it new to you!?

OK. So for those of you that don’t know what an aura is and for those of you that do; it is the awareness and essence of energy around a living person, plant, planetary, tree, and every living thing, anything that’s alive or dead that have auras. It is in a nutshell - energy. Energy that contains info about yourself which can be translated into messages that are pertinent to your lifestyle.

The aura itself contains information ABOUT YOU which can then be interpreted into messages for YOU, but not just from a reader as you can also try this for yourself, too…
The second part of the wording ‘graph’ means that from a pictorial sense its how its laid out on the page, though there are two ways of connecting both psychically or spiritually to approaching how to do auragraphs.

It is an entirely beautiful way of creating symbolisms and working with imagery, shapes, animals, numbers, elements, and pictorial formations to relay and interpret tangible messages across to your Sitter. It is also another good way of enhancing your clairvoyance if your eye has awoken. And it can be fun too - getting creative! It is also a good way of keeping your worries and stress down low so that you are not thinking or overthinking ahead of things and in a way you would be meditating too because your mind is swept away into the creativity.

(I do not have any to show you as most of mine are done by my new way inspired by Spirit to do and complete. That and my pictures look and resemble stickmen! As I never was a good drawer, more like a better doodler!)

But… there are 2 ways in which you can now complete this. The first way of approach is known as the regular way, which is to grab a pen and a paper or pencil and paper, to draw an outer layer egg circle shape which is the first layer of the aura, that is usually seen. So you choose a name from the list of people in the room, and go with whom you are drawn to on this as well as colour to use - as this helps you to link in with their energy better. This is much like tarot, but instead of the tarot cards being already done for you, you are learning how to create…. so,  with the name as your focus point, i’d like you to relax your mindset, and if you like you can visualise the name in your mind, or have it on a bit of paper in front of you so with their permission, you know who you are linking into. But if you are drawn to draw a moon…. draw a moon…. doesn’t matter where its positioned on the page but must be in the circle somewhere as the circle is your outline, its a personal way of knowing which symbolisms stand out to the sitter and being able to interpret them with your intuition.

Though if you are like me and draw stickmen, which is the extent of the drawings side of things, you can always try this method!

This newly minted method is all in the mindset/awareness. So, i’d like for those that are trying this method to envision a blank canvas; build it up as to how you would normally if you are using a stand to stand it on then that’s ok, build the image of the colour of stand in your mind, with the blank canvas colour of your choice on the stand, now relax….. be patient, and as you begin to focus on your sitters name; you’ll soon notice that imagery, shapes, elements, numbers, letters, may start to flow through this blank canvas; if you don’t know or can’t see your stand clearly or try to force it..don’t worry, just relax your mind and focus gently with softer vision so the imagery, shapes and information coming through onto the canvas and filling it is left up for your interpretation for Sitter into how you would interpret it for them; always trust your first thoughts on this too.

Then, when finished, close or bring your awareness back to the present, and you’ll be ready to type the messages into the room for Sitter to work out what relates.

I , >insert your username here< hereby use this paintbrush (if working with paint) or if working with pastels, pencils or whichever medium of tool that you are using request that if any universal psychic messages that are out there in the universe waiting to be heard to please connect through this blank piece of paper or blank canvas so that they can be downloaded through this tool to give to Sitter (insert name here).

OR if not using tools but just doing so by mindset -

I (insert username here) ask for any universal or spiritual energies to connect to me once i’ve established the link/connection through this blank ethereal canvas; which needs to be filled with messages for the Sitter to receive; I ask that all messages be downloaded and channelled by love and higher vibrations and I ask that spiritually as the link flows through onto the canvas for sitter, the aura graph displays what is needed to be heard for them as deemed appropriately from the universe at this point in time! Thank you and So it is.

So depending on how you work, you can either a) choose to go with what comes through or b) choose to work with psychic energy c) work with spiritual energy, its really up to you if you want to let the spiritual beings of light that are coming forward to help you achieve this do what they need to do in order to relay messages across.

Take a few moments to just relax; meditate to quell the endless thoughts of the mind if you wish to do so; wait for a few moments if connecting to this the ethereal way of creation’ for the imagery, shapes, and information to flow through on the canvas screen in front of you. this is the messages that are being downloaded for the sitter to receive.

If creating by art; physically,  You should have a circle on your paper, but then within the lines of that circle; you can start to draw or doodle or colourise what you feel drawn to do, I will give you five-ten minutes to doodle, draw, do what you need to do on paper. When finished, you can interpreted them by first thoughts only, but wording them as you would in a regular psychic reading!
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Aura Graph - Creative Way of Linking
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