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PostSubject: Goldstone   Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:18 pm


Goldstone is sometimes known as Stellaria or Sun Sitara, which in Sanskrit means Star, infamous for its starry reflections

or also known as monks' gold or monkstone. Goldstone is said to be a healer stone promoting a sense of calmness and stability.
It can be used as an energy generator and also as a reflector of energy, used in protection techniques like diamond's energy.

Goldstone is a fab stone for positive energy and promoting positivity. It renews the sense of strength, trust and truth.
It is a transmitter stone for communication delivered from the universal chanels through the consciousness of this stone.
It also balances energies and brings equilibrium to the wearer, who may have scattered energies. It has been known to encourage

self-belief and keeps feet anchored in the now and on the ground. It stops you from becoming egostical. It can protect the center of the body
and generally can be overall uplifting as well as centered to the mood.

Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is known as the empathetic stone that helps empaths work with their innate ability to pick up emotional moods

amongst other things. Blue goldstone is a beautiful blue stone with flecks of copper inside. It connects with the Divine consciousness
and the higher sense of self with the throat chakra. It is associated with learning and communication. It is connected with language
both english and the universal language of the stone, it can shield also from heavy emotion and bring about a sense of happiness in vibration.

Work with this stone if a) you wish to be more aware of empathy b) You wish to connect more to your inner voice c) You wish to feel happy, calm, centered
d) You wish to communicate and stay true to your beliefs but without being egostical in the process e) You can learn how to balance your energy as well as other peoples'

energies from bombarding you with so much information. f) You can learn how to shield them too with this stone and bring about a centered but peaceful perspective to working within the spiritual path.
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