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 10 Ways in Which to Clear Your Stones

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PostSubject: 10 Ways in Which to Clear Your Stones   Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:12 pm

10 peaceful ways in which you can clear your stones with

1. Moonlight - full moonlight or the supermoon energies: Place on your windowsill for duration of 3 hours or however long you feel drawn!
This way is particularly good for all crystals including the ones that have connections to the moon.
2. Starlight - again same as moonlight, place on your windowsill for duration of 3 days or during a shift of the energy.
3. Rainwater - though not a good combination for soluable stones like Selenite, again another good way to clear them is by combination of natural water.
4. Smudging - with incense and positive intention and a bit of visualization with your stones.
5. Self Cleanser Stones- Carnelian and Citrine are stones that  will self-cleanse and clear stones in proximity with them if asked.
6. Healing Energy Vibes - Positive Intention and Visualization to wrap these stones in universal love and divine light.
7. Reiki - If attuned ,hold stone in palm of hands for 30 seconds and ask for the energy to clear. Make sure you have positive intention!
8.  Spirit Visitor- Sometimes spirit will pick your stones up and visualize them in spiritual light, making sure they are cleared.
9. Sunlight - will charge and also clear a good stone like golden healer crystal or citrine.
10. Sea energies - sometimes extremely good for clearing a stone too because sea energies are clearing.
If you find yourself unable to use method above - sea salt and luke warm water will work together just as well with positive intention.
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10 Ways in Which to Clear Your Stones
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