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 Golden Healer Crystal

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PostSubject: Golden Healer Crystal   Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:23 pm

Golden Healer Quartz

This stone is the ultimate stone for promoting positivity and for bringing back happiness into your livelihood.
Like citrine it has healing properties for assisting with peacefulness and finding your own self-worth.
As a fairly happy and joyful stone it is sometimes known as golden quartz.

For working with golden healer quartz crystals, its best that you pick the one that resonates with you.
If the crystal calls to you loudly then that's the one for you to work with.

Golden Healer Crystals can connect to the stars, it has a definite divinity about it which brings to mind
a inner starlit glow. This stone can work with the Universal energies and the golden light of the Universe
to flow through this stone and channel out positivity, bringing hope, happiness and it has a helpful personality
that is keen to work with you after you've awoken.

Quartz works with ALL of the chakras. But Golden Quartz also works with spreading the light of the universe
and working with the Golden Ray. This Golden Ray is of Angelic Energy and works with Spirit as it assists purely
with the divine and the universal source of creation.

It can help with raising the vibration of those that work with it. It may be an idea to bless this stone using sunlight
as sunlight charges the positivity energy work of the stones themselves and brings in the uplifting vibrations.
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Golden Healer Crystal
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