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 The Power of Beauty - AA Azrael

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PostSubject: The Power of Beauty - AA Azrael   Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:24 pm

The Power of Beauty by Azrael

Today I call upon the power of beauty to neutralise and transmute the negativity in my life and aura fields. I call on the white light of the angels to cleanse and purify ALL that should not be there in the presence of my own aura space.

May the help of Spirit with their own helping hands help us to clear, delegate, and utilise the healing energy in its full capacity to clear and send on its way intended negative energy. This prayer can clear feelings of:- Doubt, Stress, Worry, Strain, Struggle, Distrust, Ego, Negative Intention, Sadness, Lower vibes, Fear, And any other emotional energy that which needs to be cleared.

I witness the direction of new beginnings and ask for the infusion of LOVE to fill the space in which the old has vacated. May the healing energy surround me in goodness and trust, truth, and higher energy that is needed as well as send on their way the old energy that has vacated the space in your aura.

TRUST, my friends is predominant. TRUSTing in your own abilities or connection of yourself to your higher self, and TRUST to not to let yourself lead you down the path you don't want to go. TRUST in you to not let yourself down!

I am the angel that assists the Lord Protector, I work purely with the presence of the Divine, and the healing angels, My friends know me as Azrael, but I am one of the many archangels not known to mankind. This is my message given unto you. I know the world is reunited in some places but dissonant in others. We need YOU to light the way forward for many, to set a new trend for genuine workers to pave the way forward into their present and future.

By helping people in a genuine way, we KNOW you and support you in everything. Be proud of yourself but not too proud. Find the balance in everything you do. Feel Blessed, Be Blessed and Count your blessings count them for there are many. Focus on your journey as you have angels supporting you to do what you need to do. Dream, and achieve it. But do not let doubt or second thoughts confuse your senses. Allow US to help you as we are there to help!
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The Power of Beauty - AA Azrael
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